How it Works


For instance, if you own a computer lab, you must be having a lot of systems that are down. The factors which could hold you back may include the absence of transportation in order to ship those units. So, if you’re keeping such waste at your place which is consuming your space as well, then don’t worry. We got you! We make sure that we properly carry unwanted electronics either to charity or recycling centre. As we are providing services that contribute to the safety of the environment, we make sure that everything is leading to the right place. So, you can call us, and we can come over and displace your broken or damaged electronics without you having to worry about the procedure of shipping.

Junk Appliances

If you have an old refrigerator which you want to dump, you can easily approach us. You’ll need someone else to give you a hand as refrigerators are really heavy and gigantic in size. For this service, we are here to provide our labor, which can remove any sort of appliance regardless of the size and weight. In other cases, if you want to ship your refrigerator to a recycling centre, you need to go through a lot of inconveniences as firstly, you will need to put out the heavy appliance. After that, you’ll need to approach the recycling centre. Depending upon the condition of the refrigerator, you can donate it as well. 

Moreover, refrigerators consist of chemicals such as CFC refrigerants, which can be harmful to the environment. So, while shipping a refrigerate, you are required to have secure means of conveyance. Our team of Trashy Guy OC understands all these requirements of a particular customer and operates accordingly. So, if you got a fridge that you do not need any longer, we are here to provide all the services, whether they are related to removing, hauling, or recycling.

In the case of air conditioners, we provide the services of disposing of the units. Our professional team workers remove the unit of the air conditioner efficiently. For hauling services, we have proper means of conveyance by which we ship appliances of big size. The same procedure goes for boilers, heaters, washing machines, hoovers, dryers, ovens, stoves, and lawnmowers.

Old Furniture

Moving furniture can be a difficult task to do. Furniture is typically massive in size and weight so that it can be a dangerous task for people who are unprofessional. Furniture like beds, vanity, and cupboards are not easy to deal with when it comes to the part of picking up. The problem does not end here. If you have managed to turn your unwanted furniture out, then the question of “Where to place it?” arises. Furniture can consume a lot of space, so you’ll think about sending it to landfill. By working with us, not only do we provide removal service, but we ship the furniture to recycling centres as well. If the furniture is in good condition, we can find you a charity centre so you can donate it as well. We are a company that is connected with deserving charity centres. So, if you want to do it, then do it for good and happy shipping!

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